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January 3rd, 2018 in Astrology, Weekly World Horoscopes by Charmaine

eclipse in Leo and Full Moon in Cancer 2018

This January 2018 is an extraordinary month because it begins with a Supermoon and ends with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse! What this means for you is touching down into a visceral sense of self then emerging with mission and purpose!


In the last week, have your dreams felt more vivid than usual? Has your sleep been powerful like an ocean rolling over you? Or has this energy instead infused your waking life: have you had moments to grok the magnanimous Moon or Sky and Stars above you?


Pinned in by two powerful Moons, we are wearing celestial jewelry this January. 


Use the energy to tap into a part of yourself you may have felt distanced from. You may find yourself waking at odd hours with unaccounted for drivenness. See if you can throttle up the oomph for something out of the ordinary for you or revive an old hobby!


Personally, I have gotten back into taking film and polaroid photographs. I have been reading old manuals online and watching youtube videos - what peaks your interest these days?


What books, manuals, and videos can you scour to get back in touch with your tangible and tactile faculties?


Whereas the Full SuperMoon on the 1st was in Cancer bringing a heavy, sedated, dose of embodiment, the Eclipse occurs in Leo meaning physicality, zoominess, and expansion! 


End of month is a good moment for leaping into the unknown: try a cultural event to tap into your personal goals and dreams!

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