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Weekly World Horoscope 1/30/2018

January 28th, 2018 in Astrology, Weekly World Horoscopes by Charmaine

leo lion over full moon eclipse in leo january 2018

Here are your zodiac sign specific horoscopes for your sign this Total Full Moon Eclipse taking place January 31st (or tonight, depending on where you live!). Be sure to step outside to view this spectacular event and also the second Full Moon in January (aka a Blue Moon).

Zodiac Eclipse Horoscope


Having effects on both romantic and business relationships, this Eclipse calls for you to think carefully about your words and actions. You are in a prime position to shape your future, so how can you work with others to bring forth what your dreams design?


There are deep movements within your psyche this Eclipse. Ride the waves of your emotion withut labeling them too quickly or finding an external reason to explain them. This is a transformative moment for you in terms of your life’s trajectory from here on out.


For you the Lunar Eclipse means anything but settling. This is not the time for digging in your heels but for lifting off! Where are you propelled next? What field, what venture, what new country pulls you into it?


With the Moon falling into Earth’s shadow, this Lunar Eclipse gives you a boost of professional confidence. Rest on your laurels and celebrate a project completed then meditate on a blank canvas (like a Full Moon) to see what inspirations come next.


This Eclipse marks a moment for renegotiating your social affiliations. Your time is valuable and who you spend it with is important. Consider shifting toward a calmer schedule if possible then allowing for your inner Leo lion to comb its mane in tranquility.


Self-doubt you thought was ingrained in you gets dislodged this Eclipse. You are able to pull out the root of a problem, tracing it back to someone else’s history. You liberate yourself, and when the Moon reappears, it is a breath of fresh air and weight off yours shoulders!


It is a question of self-preservation this Eclipse. When Moon gets shy in Earth’s shadow, you understand an essential part of yourself and make conscious what was unconscious before. You are at the helm, and suddenly decisions that felt complex are easier for you to make.


Much of what you thought you wanted is in your possession, but Full Moon Eclipse puts your attention back on the immaterial. Where does your interior life blossom? What intimacies blossom with resolve in your heart?


As Full Moon falls into Earth’s shadow this Eclipse, you take a break from communication for a bit. Try to check your channels less frequently. After this brief hiatus, you discover a new style for yourself, one more suited to you.


It is all about family for you this Eclipse. A push-pull relationship stills giving you a chance to reassess. When you realign, you are able to assert yourself despite pressure from outside.


This Lunar Full Moon Eclipse emerges in your house of amusement. Make a commitment to yourself apart from the work you do for others. Honor your inner pendulum, and swing toward the personal full steam. 


The Eclipse for you has its strongest effect on your work sphere. Can momentarily pulling back re-energize you for the long-haul? Can you redirect your ideas down a better channel?

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