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Weekly World Horoscope 1/26/2018

January 25th, 2018 in Weekly World Horoscopes, Astrology, Tarot by Charmaine

Total eclipse in Leo represented by tarot card with woman blindfolded

Prepare for a surge in resolve as Mercury moves into Aquarius at the same time as the Total Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on January 31st, 2018!


When the Total Lunar Full Moon Eclipse occurs in Leo, this signifies a great change in things as you know them. What you have taken for granted, what you rely on, proves itself to be ephemeral. 


You may have dreams of murky water and powerful creatures in the days leading up to the Eclipse. Or, you may find yourself having intense emotions, a desire to act without a clear action in sight. 


The Tarot Card I pulled for Total Eclipse in Leo is Eight of Swords. A blindfolded woman with hands bound stands over a barely trickling stream. There is a castle behind her and eight swords staked into the ground. 


When Full Moon hides in Earth’s shadow, the woman on the Eight of Swords sees from a part of herself that was inaccessible before, and her third-eye opens. Leo gives you the power to redefine yourself in new terms, and to see who you are far beyond what is expected.


The castle behind you is old news; you are headed in a new direction! You have survived many obstacles, and what weighs on you now will not stop you or slow you down. You are determined, and your new path is realized step by step.

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