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Horoscopes for New Moon in Capricorn

January 11th, 2018 in Weekly World Horoscopes, Spirituality, Astrology by Charmaine

inner Capricorn goat figure satyr ouroboros infinite

You made it to the New Moon in Capricorn bringing you in touch with your inner goat :) The question for you is, what type of Capricorn goat are you? Read on for zodiac specific predictions, and follow here for your weekly horoscope!

Overall, New Moon in Capricorn brings feelings of accomplishment mixed with anticipation for the future. It means hard-work and a better understanding of what else needs to be done. 

Capricorn New Moon also represents a moment for the quieting of anxieties. Like a magic spell, the New Moon lifts your worries, bringing a sense of lightness to you!

What type of goat are you? Find your zodiac sun-sign for your New Moon prediction!

Capricorn - You are represented by the satyr which is half goat half-man. This New Moon for you means a time to let go of cautiousness and embrace your wily side!

Aquarius - An Alpine goat is your New Moon symbol meaning this is a productive moment for you despite a recent hiccup. What you make is of a high quality and brings you praise!

Pisces - The LaMancha goat is known for its affability. This New Moon people are drawn to your compassionate nature, and it is a moment to relish your friendships.

Aries - New Moon in Capricorn presents the Nubian Goat as your guide meaning find a new use for something you overlooked before. If you feel weighed down, give something away in the Moon’s honor.

Taurus - Saanen Goats represent your New Moon self and signify a moment for letting yourself be taken care of by another. Rather than fight to have things your way, enjoy the world someone else creates for you.

Gemini - The Toggenburg Goat is your New Moon symbol for Capricorn meaning this a moment to cultivate your poker face. “Fake it until you make it,” is a cliche that bears meaning for you today!

Cancer - Oberhasli Goats produce one of the sweetest goat milks meaning this New Moon you find yourself with something sweet you want to share. Share your glass but set limits and uphold them firmly!

Leo - Representing you this New Moon is the Nigerian Dwarf goat meaning this is a great moment for relaxing in your home environment. Take it easy and let yourself reset.

Virgo - The Sable Goat represents Virgo this New Moon meaning get curious about the ways you are not like everyone else. Feed your unique, authentic interests!

Libra - This New Moon presents you with the Guernsey Goat as your symbolic animal totem. The Guernsey represents your golden, royal nature and means pamper yourself and eschew the cheap for that of long-lasting value!

Scorpio - The Spanish goat is your totem animal this New Moon meaning let go of expectations, cut the tie, and go on an adventure! You need surprisingly little to be content these days.

Sagittarius - Capricorn New Moon presents the Kalahari Red goat as your totem animal meaning pay attention to your health today. Do something good for your skin, guts, and bones like make bone broth, an antioxidant enriched smoothie, or seaweed salad. Get creative!

I hope you enjoyed your goat predictions for New Moon in Capricorn! I made them for you to be both silly and true :)


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