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April Week and Month

March 26th, 2018 in Astrology, Weekly World Horoscopes by Charmaine

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RETROGRADE MERCURY’s mercurial movements send you from sheer bliss to calculated indecision! Welcome to the blossoming of spring; move your pawn to the unpredictable side of the board!

This Week on Planet Mercury


Sun and Mercury

On April First, Sun goes conjunct with Retrograde Mercury in Aries. Golden rays of expansive and intellectual curiosity beam your way. Ideas bounce in your mind like springtime bunny rabbits. Sense of self is unconstricted. A damn breaks down, and fresh waters fill your cup.

Mars and Mercury

On April Second, Retrograde Mercury in Aries battles with Mars in Capricorn. This means a contest of ambitions for you. Where before no options existed, now multiple doors open! Do you resent all these opportunities coming your way? Down deep, you know it is a gift! Draw clear boundaries, and pack a daily bag with power items so you are ready to explore (trail mix, picnic blanket, amulet); be always ready for the go!

Saturn and Mercury

On April 4th, Saturn from Capricorn has a fistfight with Retrograde Mercury, which effects you in nuanced ways. Firstly, it is a struggle to fit together life’s odds and ends. Slacken the rope and slow down instead of trying to add another Jenga block to your tower. Secondly, attune to the divining rod in your gut instead of harkening to your intellectual tendency for overthinking. Ground yourself in the physical and let answers come from the heart.

APRIL: Monthly Overview


April brings bouncing inner states and blossoming mind to you. No more stuck in a rut or muddiness in mind and heart. Here is an overview of April’s cosmic events worth noting:


Retrograde Motion


Mercury is Retrograde in Aries until April 14th bringing static electricity to your mind waves. A frenetic quality mimicking the energetic state of springtime could accompany your thoughts meaning restlessness, curiosity, and desire to do things on a whim.

Saturn & Pluto

Saturn and Pluto go Retrograde in Capricorn on the 17th and 22nd respectively. Saturn is a stern, orderly planet and when it goes retrograde you may feel a keen desire to be disorderly. Pluto is an intense, obsessive planet, and its retrograde motion brings an excitable mood. You may find yourself thrill-seeking or risk-taking, anything to get you out of the old habits!

News on the MOON


New Moon 

On the 16th of April, there is a New Moon in Aries, and it is a good time for asserting a powerful yet open stance on the world. Unknowns may exist in your life, but that is no reason to fly your surrender flag. Instead, draw strength from your ability to confront mystery. Try making a collage to represent what you yearn for in the days to come.

Full Moon

April 30th brings a Full Moon to Scorpio, and this is a hot, intense, and sensual cosmic occurrence. Elegance and grace emerge where before was kookiness! Your desire for physical interaction is high, and your pull is strong. Indulge in rich foods and slow, meaningful movements. Celebrate in romantic lighting what you started this month, even though it is not time for harvest.

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