Are Psychics Real?

Did you know that psychics worked for the Pentagon under a CIA program called Star Gate in 1995 (from Supernatural America by Lawrence R. Samuel)? Or did you know that President Lincoln’s familiarity with mediums in his youth led him to include them in his White House council? Whether psychics are real or not, they have had historical influence from the personal level all the way up to the political!

Without further adieu... my list of signs that your psychic could be out to scam you.

  • Your psychic goes to aggravating lengths to keep the conversation going when you feel it is done
  • Your psychic leaves you feeling depressed, weak, and unable to help yourself
  • Your psychic invents a reason for you to book more appointments, for example, you are surrounded by evil spirits
  • Your psychic wants you to pay her through a unique/unusual billing arrangement
  • Psychic says you have a curse or hex on you
  • Psychic says bad spirits or negative energy are on you
  • Psychic initiates her own agenda such as casting a spell
  • Your psychic does not seem interested in helping you embody positivity in your life

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Let us step back for a moment. When a person asks if psychics are real, what we are really asking about is clairvoyant ability: is it really possible for a person to unlock secret knowledge that is not available to the normal senses? Psychics say they possess extra-sensory perception (ESP) allowing them to have clear sight (clairvoyance) connecting them to, for example, the dead, spirits, past lives, or the future through telepathy or thought transference. ( perception).

Clairvoyance has also been called “spiritual vision” and it allows the psychic access beyond what is normally available to us. Many believe that this kind of vision is available to all people, that it is latent within us only we do not always know how to access it. Furthermore, some say that we use ESP in our everyday lives without knowing it; it is a vibrational quality of the world - such as sounds and colors - that we can learn to pick up on and interpret if we practice. (

Some even go further, locating a part of the human brain which houses our ability for psychic powers: “The large nucleated ganglionic cells in this system contain a very large proportion of etheric matter, and are hence more easily affected by the coarser astral vibrations than are the cells in which the proportion is less” (Annie Besant, famous women’s rights activist with purported psychic ability). Others call this the third eye, an inner eye for mystical awakening.

To answer our question - are psychics real - I point to the fact that so many incidents of psychics have been reported throughout time. An early account of psychic ability comes from 1784: a peasant was able to enter a trance in order to diagnose diseases. (

Even before 1784, there are early systems for divination and fortune telling for which astrology and tarot are two exemplary vehicles. There were the ancient oracles of Delphi and Nostradamus, and even the bible makes reference to future-seeing prophets (book 1 of Samuel, Chapter 9).

Nonetheless, throughout history there have also been fraudulent psychics such as Derek Ogilvie the baby whisperer, Allison DuBois, Yanagi Ryuken, and The George Bull Experiment, to name a few. And a psychic’s accuracy fluctuates; even the best psychics do not have 100% accuracy. To me, this is a moot point. I do not seek out a psychic in order to test them; instead, I gauge a good psychic by my internal barometer: do I leave the interaction feeling empowered and healed? If so, the psychic has been accurate emotionally despite being slightly off in terms of material reality which is only skin deep anyhow.

What it comes down to is this: whether psychics are real or not could be impossible to answer as evidence exist both for and against. Whatever the truth is, if you are seeking counsel from a clairvoyant, you will want to find someone who has your best interest at heart. A psychic can help you feel confident, open, enlightened, and ready for spiritual growth whether or not they are able to recount your great grandfather’s hair color.

Nonetheless, even true believers agree there are con artists out there. If you are seriously seeking psychic counsel, make sure you have found someone who is honest and non manipulative.