Angel Card Meanings

Oracle Cards are a divination tool used to predict and plan the future, receive guidance, and understand each relationship and situation you may experience during your journey. 

The Mystical Angels Oracle Deck is designed to help provide the tools you need to make thoughtful, informed decisions, feel inspired about your life, and make the changes you need and want while manifesting your dreams. 

This Mystical Angels Deck has been infused with my love and blessings. 

Some of the Angel paintings corresponding with the cards come from William Blake, (1757-1827) a poet, prophet, painter and mystic who began having visions and seeing angels at a very young age. He started painting his visions and exploring the realms of the divine magic through his poetry and art. 

Considered a rebel at the time he lived, Blake forged his own path and has since inspired countless artists such as Bob Dylan, U2, Jim Morrison of The Doors, Aldous Huxley and others. With this deck, he inspires us again.

Divine Intervention - Card 3

This card signifies that you must find a new way or path. It is a moment for immediate intervention from a Spiritual Helper, so for what purpose can you accept this help? 


Your Angel guides are here to assist you, and you need only point them in the right direction. Avoid making a quick move on your own, and instead strike a restful pose and allow Divine Intervention to take the lead. 


You can find inner peace by knowing your prayers have been heard, and help is on its way! 

Energizing Heart - Card 5

Energizing Heart Angel Card symbolizes the child you once were. An angel reminds you of the awe and inspiration that comes from your experience of the world as new.


Do you recall when you delighted in the smell of coffee in the morning, the funny faces grown-ups made when stressed or angry, the beauty of found bugs, and the joy of listening to a song on repeat while jumping on the trampoline and singing at the top of your lungs. This card evokes your inner need for play and spontaneity! 


You may have become rigid in your ways, Sensei! It is time to let go and re-discover your childlike nature. The Angel sits on your head and asks you to share your most joyful discoveries. Take the Angel by the hand and introduce it to your world for the first time.

Divine Feminine - Card 6

Have you felt her brush past you? The alluring and seductive spirit is all around. Her beauty is overwhelming, her heart deep like the sea. 


She is the divine feminine and she dwells within us all. She is a deep well of mystery and passionate energy, the yin or moon sign. The design of the universe was patterned after her. Her energy is expansive and broad, dark and mysterious. 


Tilt your gaze upward and allow your mystery to be drawn out by the Angel of the Divine Feminine. Your movements are fluid and fertile meaning your effect is strong intoxicant!

Animal Spirit - Card 13

Manifest the animal spirit within you! Every person has a corresponding animal spirit or two. These spirits are also known as familiars. 


If you find yourself drawn to a particular animal, or find an animal is drawn to you, this signals that a spirit is trying to get in contact with you. You may also have dreams with or about this animal. The animal can be real like a raven or a butterfly, or imagined, like a dragon or a unicorn. 


These spirits symbolize your personality and predisposition. They are also guardians and guides leading you along your path, letting you know you are heading in the right direction. 

Abundant Outpouring - Card 14

Congratulations! This card signifies that you have been blessed by an outpouring of resources! 


Gifts shower on you from Heaven. The Angels want you to know you are cared for and loved. You may manifest this wealth in a multitude of ways, besides money. 


You may be blessed with wonderful new friendships, a romantic partnership, or a boost in your health or mental outlook on life. 

Contemplation Time - Card 12

Drawing this card is a sign that it is time to take a personal retreat. It also signifies nature, so step away from electronics and head for the mountains or the beach. 


Are negative emotions rising to the surface? You may have been avoiding them up until now. This is a moment for banishing your stress. Spend a morning or afternoon in a quiet place or out in nature. 


Bring paper and a pen with you. Take some time to write about your feelings. It’s time to let go of the negativity. Picture it floating away, like a cloud in the sky. 

Elder Wisdom - Card 18

You are surrounded by elders who hold the experience and wisdom you crave for your own life. By pulling from the sage advice of elders, you will increasingly begin to manifest your desires more rapidly and encourage good things to come into your life. 


The elder represented by this card may be a family member, someone you rarely speak to, an author, or an ancestor who is no longer with you. Take a moment of quiet solitude and pray to attract this person into your life. Be open to the possibilities. 


Also, keep your ears and heart open to receiving what they have to say. Speaking comes more easily than listening. Become an active listener by asking questions, taking notes, and expressing genuine interest in the elder. You can show them great respect by simply being receptive. 

Creative Tour de Force - Card 16

All walls are down, every rule is off the table, and anything is possible! The universe wants you to be creative! 


You are inspired: will you write a song, redesign your living room, paint your house, travel somewhere you have never been, or start a new career? Heed this call for inspiration, and do not shut it out. Remember, it is for your own personal growth and edification that Heaven is calling to you.


Let go of fears or anxieties about the final product, and get busy enjoying the process. Creativity is about discovery of yourself and the world. Surprise yourself!

Empowering Energy - Card 19

It is good for you to be powerful! Remain pro-actively positive in order to feel empowered. A red-hot angel infuses you with robust energy that radiates upwards and competes with the sun. 


It is time for a negativity detox that will cleanse your body and mind from harmful, hidden blockades stalling the manifestation process in your life. Detach yourself from gossip-based reading materials, pessimistic news headlines, and grim and gory details. 


To accept this empowering energy, clear your home and office by eliminating clutter. This will help usher in abundance and promote creativity while giving the Empowering Energy Angel a stage on which to assert himself.

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